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Sunday, October 7, 2012

JellyMod Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Pocket

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 gets JellyMod ROM is truly very happy that this blog is writing its very first official post about Samsung Galaxy Pocket. Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300 is really an amazing handset. It belongs to the mid-range category. This handset is fully loaded with some amazing features which we have mentioned below. Just go through the features of Samsung Galaxy Pocket and you will get thrilled!

Features of Samsung Galaxy Pocket

Budget Smart Phone
832MHz single-core processor
2.8-inch display with QVGA resolution
Camera of 2 megapixels
1,200mAh battery
3.6Mbps 3G radio
3 gigabytes of on-board storage

Users who already have Samsung Galaxy Pocket would have an idea about how rocking this handset is. Also, there are many developers who have become prominently active in regards to making custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Pocket.

Yes, this is the good news we have for Samsung Galaxy Pocket users. XDA developer teguh aje have come up with JellyMod for Galaxy Pocket. Many users were inquiring on the web about JellyMod ROM for Pocket and see now it is ready!

Here we present features of JellyMod ROM for Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Features of JellyMod ROM for Galaxy Pocket S5300

ROM is based on XXLF5
Amazing kernel
New animation
Superb looking
Fast Internet
New setting view
6 Lock screen
Much more

We are sure you would love the features of JellyMod ROM for Galaxy Pocket. Would you like to install JellyMod ROM on Galaxy Pocket? If yes, then read on the procedure to update Galaxy pocket with JellyMod. But first go through the disclaimer.

Disclaimer: It is always a bit risky to update your handset with a new custom ROM. But if you have the guts and are ready to do so at your risk then you can enjoy some really good features on your phone. But take decision at your risk. Also, we expect you to have some technical knowledge before you take plunge to update Galaxy Pocket. 

How to Install JellyMod on Galaxy Pocket

Take complete Back up of your phone and also keep the phone charged to the extent of 80 percent.

You will need CWM because this ROM will be flashed through CWM.

Before you use this JellyMod custom ROM make sure that you deodex your ROM. If you fail in doing so, dialertabactivity.apk will go.

Also after you install JellyMod Rv 1.0 avoid Wiping the data.

In order to know more about this and also get access to information like bugs, ROM download link you need to visit the official page, the link to which we have provided at the end of the post.

In between, we are thankful to XDA for making Galaxy Pocket S5300 highly customized. We are waiting for more updates and customization for this handset and also we are very happy for the users.

If you have any doubts on this, do contact us via comments. We shall get all your doubts solved.