Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Xperia Tablet S Sales Suspended due to Water Resistant Defect

When will Xperia Tablet S Sales Resume back

Xperia Tablet S had created some buzz a few days back when it was launched in the market. It was one of the most awaited Sony tablet because it had an attractive design and was light weight. Its superb screen and some thrilling features created a stir in the Android market. Finally what happened on 5th of October that Sony tablet Xperia S sales had to be suspended? Well, here’s the information. Just read on.

Xperia Tablet S sales were suspended because there was some manufacturing defect. This was the case with some units where the water resistant feature was breached. This mainly happened due to breaching of water resistant chassis. It seems that there is a gap in the display panel. Sony is a reputed brand and it is concerned about the users. Therefore Sony Japan is going to offer free checking and repair for Sony Xperia Tablet S. Till that time Sony has requested users to keep their Sony Xperia tablet s away from water.

The free repair announcement is specifically for Japan. Nothing is yet clear about what will happen to the said tablets in Europe and North America. So far the sales figure goes to around 1,00,000 tablets globally. We don’t know as to how Sony will compensate to the buyers of these tablets. But as of now the company has stopped sales. It is not yet announced that when will the selling activity start again. We hope that the matter gets attention soon and people who had been desperately waiting for Sony Xperia Tablet S get a chance to get geeky with the gadget quickly.

We know Sony has the potential to attend the mishaps and mistakes and cure them. That’s the reason we love Sony!
For official announcements check these pages: The Sony US support page and Sony UK Page live.

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